The Livin' Easy Catalog is full of spring and summer time items to make your time up north the best it can be. Any of the items in the catalog can be ordered specially for you. For example, we don't have to guess which color of patio chairs you like. You tell us which set suits your style and we'll order them for you. All items are received the Friday after you place your order and can be picked up at our store.

Special catalog pricing is a phone call away. While you are on the phone with us, ask one of our sales people to verify product availability. Because your order will be shipped to us on our weekly truck, you will not have any shipping and handling costs. However, if you need us to deliver to your home from our store, there will be a small delivery fee.

Flip through this amazing catalog. We're sure you'll find something you need!

Click {here} or on the picture to download your catalog in .pdf form. Since the file is 144mb, it will take about 5 minutes. We suggest that you save it to your desktop so you can easily open it again in the future.